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In all cases below, the “th” stands for the so-called soft –th- sound, as in the word, thin. Syllables written entirely in capitals take the stress accent.

Theotokos: theh-oh-TOH-kohs

Chrysostom: khree-SOH-stohm

Athanasios: ah-thah-NAH-see-ohs (or, a-tha-NAY-shuhs)

Cyril: KEE-rihl (or, SEE-rihl)

Myra: MEE-rah

Lycia: lee-KEE-ah (or, lee-SEE-ah)

Spyridon: spee-REE-dohn

Trimythous: tree-MEE-thuhs

Menas: mee-NAHS

Ignatios: eeg-NAH-tee-ohs (or, ihg-NAY-shuhs)

Charalampos: khah-RAH-lahm-bohs

Eleutherios: eh-lehf-THEH-ree-ohs

Tikhon: TEE-khohn

Anastasia: ah-nah-stah-SEE-ah (or, a-na-STAY-zhya)

Kyriaki: kee-ree-ah-KEE

Photeini: foh-tee-NEE

Paraskeva: pah-rah-skeh-VEE (or, pah-rah-SKEH-vah)

Euthymios: ehf-THEE-mee-ohs

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