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Service Texts for Diocesan Patronal Feast Days

September 13: Consecration of Holy Resurrection Church

October 6: St. Thomas & St. Innocent

October 23: St. James the Apostle

First Saturday in November: St. Raphael of Brooklyn

November 14: St. Philip the Apostle

November 25: St. Katherine the Great

December 6: St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

December 20: St. Ignatius of Antioch-1

January 7: Synaxis of St. John the Baptist

January 17: St. Anthony the Great

January 22: St. Timothy the Apostle

February 3: St. Simeon the God-receiver

April 23: St. George the Trophy-Bearer

  • In 2017, St. George is commemorated on Thomas Sunday. Consult the Online Liturgical Guide for the proper text.

May 24: St. Vincent of Lerins
   **For use in 2017 ONLY**

June 29: Ss. Peter and Paul

July 10: St. Joseph of Damascus

September 26: St. John the Theologian

October 18: St. Luke the Evangelist

October 28: Protection of the Holy Theotokos

November 8: Archangels Michael & Gabriel

November 16: St. Matthew the Evangelist

November 30: St. Andrew the First-Called

December 13: St. Herman of Alaska

December 27: St. Stephen the Archdeacon

January 16: Chains of St. Peter the Apostle

January 18: Ss. Athanasius and Cyril of Alexandria

January 30: The Three Hierarchs

April 25: St. Mark the Evangelist
      **For use in 2017 ONLY**

June 11: St. Barnabas the Apostle
     **For use in 2017 ONLY**

July 20: The Prophet Elias (Elijah)

1-When December 20 falls on the Sunday before Christ's Nativity, St. Ignatius Day is transferred to the day before. Consult the Online Liturgical Guide for the proper text.

Portions of the Diocesan Service Texts include texts from The Menaion, The Great Horologion, The Pentecostarion, and The Psalter of the Seventy, which are Copyright © Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Brookline, Massachusetts, and are used with permission. All rights reserved. These works may not be further reproduced, beyond printing out a single copy for personal non-commercial use, without the prior written authorization of Holy Transfiguration Monastery.

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